Who We Are

Islamic Relief is independent humanitarian and development organization with a presence in over 40 countries around the globe. We have been fighting poverty and injustice for 30 years, in the world which over three billion people still live in poverty.

Since we received our first donation in 1984, we have helped millions of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. Inspired by Islamic faith and guided by over values, we believe that people with wealth have a duty to those less fortunate – regardless of race, political affiliation, gender or belief.

Our project provide poor people with access to vital services. We protect communities from disasters, and deliver life-saving emergency aid. We provide lasting route s of poverty, and empower vulnerable people to transform their lives and their communities.

Our global family include national office, affiliated partner and field office. We also own a subsidiary company based in Birmingham, UK, which raises funds for our work by collecting and recycling clothing. TIC International also conduct food activities, largely related to canned meat for aid purposes.

Our Mission

Islamic Relief envisages a caring world where communities are empowered, social obligations are fulfilled and people responds as one to the suffering of others. 

Our Value

We are guided by the timeless values teachings of the Qur’an and Prophetic example (Sunnah), which recognize that people with wealth have a duty to those who are less fortunate. 

Our values are: 

In responding to poverty and suffering, our efforts are driven by sincerity to God and the need to fulfill our obligations to humanity

Our actions in tackling poverty are marked by excellence in our operations and conduct, which are deserving of the people we serve

We believe the protection and well-being of every life is of paramount importance and we shall join with other humanitarians to act as one in responding to suffering brought on by disasters, poverty and injustice

Our work is founded on enabling people and institutions to fulfill the rights of the poor and vulnerable. We work to empower the dispossessed toward realizing their God-given human potential and developing their capabilities and resources.

We uphold our duty of custodianship over the Earth, its resources and the trust people place in us as humanitarian and development practitioners. We are transparent and accountable.