M 5.8 Earthquake Shakes Bali

An earthquake with a magnitude (M) of 5.8 rocked Bali. BMKG said the earthquake did not have the potential for a tsunami. According to BMKG data, the earthquake occurred on Monday (22/8/2022) at 15:36 WIB. The point of the earthquake was at 9.36 degrees south latitude and 115.59 degrees east longitude. The epicenter of the earthquake was 74 km southeast of South Kuta, Bali. Reportedly, the epicenter was at a depth of 124 km from the seabed. The earthquake has no potential for a tsunami. There is no information yet whether there is damage or casualties due to the earthquake. In addition, the BMKG also stated that the Bali earthquake did not have the potential for a tsunami. This was confirmed through the official BMKG Twitter account @infoBMKG. “#Earthquake Magnitude: 5.8, Depth: 124 km, 22 Aug 2022 15:36:33 WIB, Coordinates: 9.36 South Latitude 115.59 East Longitude (74 km Southeast of KUTASELATAN-BALI), No tsunami potential #BMKG” wrote the BMKG, Monday (22 /8/2022). Besides Banyuwangi, several other areas also felt the Bali earthquake on the MMI IV scale. The MMI IV scale means that during the day, the vibrations are felt by many people in the house, outside by a few people. The vibrations made pottery shatter, windows/doors creaked, and walls creaked. These areas include:
  • Badung
  • Denpasar
  • Klungkung
  • Mataram
  • West Lombok
  • Central Lombok.
In addition, vibrations on the MMI III scale were also felt in several areas due to the latest Bali earthquake. MMI scale III means that the vibration is felt in the house as if a truck were passing. The list of areas in question are:
  • Buleleng
  • Karangasem
  • Gianyar
  • North Lombok
  • East Lombok
  • Sumbawa
  • West Sumbawa
  • Bima.