Clean Water Treatment in West Sulawesi

The earthquake that occurred in West Sulawesi on January 16, 2021, measuring 6.2 on the Richter Scale, not only caused damage to houses and claimed lives. The earthquake also made it difficult for the community to access clean water because the clean water distribution pipe network was damaged, the water source was lost or the water flow decreased.
In response to this, Islamic Relief Indonesia and its partner Karsa Institute in collaboration with the local governments of Mamuju and Majene Regency, carried out activities to repair clean water facilities, specifically repairing clean water distribution pipes located in 2 villages, as well as rebuilding damaged water sources, namely in Rantedoda Village, Tapalang District, Mamuju Regency and Bambangan Village, Malunda District, Majene Regency.

The basis for choosing the village was because after the earthquake the community had difficulty accessing clean water due to the 500 meter long clean water distribution pipe in Rantedoda village being damaged after being buried by a landslide due to the earthquake.
In addition, the reservoir for the water source was also damaged. Meanwhile in Bambangan Village, many distribution pipes have leaks, considering the long life of the pipes (first built around the 2000s).

Alhamdulillah, the process of piping and rebuilding the spring tub has been completed and is ready to be distributed to residents’ homes. Before being channeled into people’s homes, water from the source is stored in water reservoirs that are distributed in each village. From this reservoir, connections are then carried out to reach the homes of the most vulnerable residents.
Currently, there are 100 families who have received a pipe connection to their house. Meanwhile, residents who are considered not vulnerable are expected to carry out the connection themselves under the coordination of the Water Management Team.

All activities for implementing this project are carried out by local communities under a cash for work scheme. There are 30 selected families according to agreed criteria who are involved in the piping process and repair of the reservoir.
Alhamdulillah, we pray to the presence of Allah SWT, the work on repairing clean water facilities has been carried out with good results. It is hoped that the people in the 2 villages in particular can care for and take care of each other’s existing facilities, so that they can be useful on an ongoing basis.